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At Nàdurra Wellness I assist you to find and sustain wellness on all levels, body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Using traditional medicine my goal is to facilitate healthy harmonious balance for you.

I have experience and success over almost twenty years helping people with a wide range of health conditions. Over this time I created an effective, unique and truly holistic treatment method.  


Treatment plans are always individual – no two are ever the same.


Each treatment plan is individually crafted to match the clients unique needs at the time.


Homeopathy forms the foundation with Homeobotanicals, Australian Bush Flower Essences, and Life and Wellness Coaching for support.

Clients learn powerful techniques and lifestyle changes to incorporate into their life to facilitate their path to healing. 

During your initial session we spend time taking a very detailed history of your illnesses and experiences. This is essential to determine any past influences on your current health situation. From this comprehensive history I determine your personal unique treatment plan.


My clients get results that allow them to live more fully and authentically.

These include:

  • Reduced pain
  • Increased vibrant energy
  • Better sleep
  • Less overwhelm and stress anxiety
  • Stronger immunity
  • Greater focus and clarity
  • More confidence

Empowerment is crucial in creating a healthy body, mind and spirit. We work together during our sessions, and afterwards.

I love achieving deep acting, sustained results for clients who are ready to move forward with their health and wellness.

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When we get caught up in our emotional response to life experiences we become locked into limiting thoughts and behaviours that keep us stuck.

By shifting out of the emotional drama we can gain clarity and direction to move forward towards our goals and make our dreams a reality.


Awareness Coaching guides you to your own inner wisdom.


It enables you to clarify your decisions and create a plan that’s aligned with your values. 

You can then direct your actions towards building fulfilment and success.



In Awareness Coaching you’ll learn techniques and practices to support you in shifting out of the place you’re currently stuck.

You will develop understanding and awareness of how you interact with life experiences to create transformation and direction to move forward.

I will support and guide you to create a life of Soul-Empowered Wellness.

Together we will catalyse your shift towards:
  • better health
  • deeper relationships
  • greater prosperity
  • career advancement
  • refined spiritual engagement.



You receive powerful support through your Awareness Coaching journey from my Natural Health Tool Kit, containing the incredible supportive qualities of Homeopathy, Flower and Herbal Essences and Energy Rebalancing.

I draw on these methods or remedies whenever they will assist you to move forward faster. They can quickly support you as you break down the blocks that are holding you back.


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Wholistic Wellness Workshops


Wholistic Wellness Workshops focus on developing your awareness and trust of your inner wisdom so you can make decisions that nourish and support your decisions and wellness.


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and strengthen wellness and intuition



I invite women seeking higher wisdom, clarity and courage to join my Conscious Self-Care & Soul Empowerment Retreats. Together we’ll create a Conscious Self-Care Plan for you to keep you riding above overwhelm.

The LiveLife: LoveLife: LongLife Wellness Retreats are perfect for those about 50 years and over who know that wellness is much more than just diet and exercise and would love to delve into all the other things that create Wellness. 


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support your wellness