Homeopathy forms an integral part of my Practitioner Tool Kit. In fact, it forms part of the foundation of health management for my clients.

The homeopathic remedy and other methods I incorporate, are simply the catalyst to shift blocks that keep my clients from experiencing wellness. These are the blocks that hinder the client’s own healing capabilities. When these are cleared the person can start to heal themselves.

I work towards empowering my clients to feel confident about taking an active part in their health management. I regard this as crucial to their ongoing good health. My suggestions are aimed at managing health conditions and address the imbalance within the person that can lead to illness.

It’s great when my clients come in with an open mind about what may be possible for their health and wellness.



What Is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is a traditional medicine that stimulates the body’s own healing capabilities and strengthens the whole person, including the immune system, to improve their health outcomes.

It uses analytical and observational skills to select a remedy closely matched to the person.

Homeopathy can benefit people at any stage of life. It may be used in the management of a wide range of conditions.


People who may benefit from homeopathic management include those with:

  • Acute conditions
  • Chronic conditions – Homeopathy can support the symptoms of many chronic diseases including hormone imbalances, allergies, muscular and joint conditions, poor sleep
  • Vague symptoms where they feel very unwell but there is no identifiable cause
  • Emotional stress and imbalance – including behavioural issues, mood swings, stress



Homeopathic Remedies


Remedies are prepared in a way that activates the dynamic health properties of the substance.

Many substances from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms are used to make homeopathic remedies. More recently remedies have been made from newer substances that play a role in our modern life. These include gases such as nitrogen and hydrogen, drugs such as cortisone, and more ethereal substances such as x-ray.



Homeopathic Remedy Selection


Homeopathy aims to support the whole person. It takes into account personality, lifestyle, and hereditary factors as well as the history of the health condition.

Since everyone is unique homeopathic remedies are chosen individually for each person.  All symptoms on the physical, emotional and cognitive levels are considered when selecting a well-matched remedy. Even though a symptom may not seem relevant to the person’s condition it is considered a contributory indicator to the condition.

Correct homeopathic remedies may provide rapid symptom relief as well as supporting the body to recharge and rebuild it’s own healing capabilities.



Homeopathic Consultation


Homeopathy requires a very detailed history. The initial consultation takes 90 minutes and covers symptoms related to both the current condition and past health history.

You may be asked about sleep, diet, lifestyle and life or emotional stresses. You may be advised to make lifestyle or diet changes as part of your health management in addition to a carefully selected homeopathic remedy.

During our extended consultation you will have plenty of time to ask further questions.



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