Homeopathy, My Story

I grew up with absolutely no knowledge of traditional or homeopathy or any natural medicine. My father was a doctor, a pathologist. It was only once I had my own children with health problems that I went seeking alternatives.

My second son was born early and right from the start he had a string of health issues. By the time he was five this included severe asthma. In spite of being managed with the normal prescription medications, he spent much of the time too unwell to play as the other boys did. We were told he was a severe asthmatic. There were many times he needed to be rushed to hospital in the Intensive Care Ambulance.

After one particularly bad winter I realised we needed to find something to improve his quality of life.


Our First Visit

A friend directed me to a natural health practitioner, a homeopath as it turned out. With no knowledge or understanding of the very different approach of traditional medicine we had no preconceived expectations.

We left the first visit scared, but willing to try the recommended plan of management because it included clear instructions about medical backup. My son was given a remedy to take in acute situations, with instructions to take his prescription medications if there was no noticeable improvement within a certain number of minutes. He was also given other homeopathic remedies to help support his general health.

We didn’t have to wait to try out the homeopathic remedies. My son woke in the early hours that night wheezing and frightened. We administered the remedy, kept him calm and were surprised that his wheezing subsided within minutes. Very nervously I put him back to bed.


The Outcome

From that day we used the homeopathic remedies first whenever his breathing became difficult. We never needed to call an ambulance for him again. He never again went to hospital. He never needed to use his prescription medications again.

Best of all his health had improved so much within four months that I was able to enrol him in a swimming program, which strengthened his lungs more. In fact, he later became a competition swimmer.

His bouts of asthma became less frequent and less severe until after a while they ceased altogether. One year after taking the first dose of the homeopathic remedies I threw away his medications and nebuliser.

That was over twenty-five years ago. Today he is strong and healthy. He has never needed to use prescription medications for breathing difficulty since that first homeopathic dose.

My son had a wonderful and quick response to homeopathic remedies. But this may not be the case for you. We were lucky to have a great homeopath who took a balanced and responsible view to managing my son’s health.

I continued to consult with our homeopath for health problems that my sons encountered. Over the years since we have continued to use homeopathy to support us through a wide range of health conditions.

In fact it was this wonderful introduction to homeopathy as well as the continued results that eight years later led me to study homeopathy with the intention of becoming a professional homeopath.


My Story

I share my story with you because great results like these are possible. But this is my story and our experience of professional homeopathy, and it may not be the same for everyone.

We had great results with a difficult and serious condition. However, it is not the same for everyone and you may not have the same outcome. I believe that being under the care of a fully trained professional homeopath made the difference for my son.

Over the decades in my capacity as a homeopathic practitioner my respect for homeopathic remedies and professional homeopathic prescribing continues to grow.
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