• ´°☽*•¸¸✯ 2021 Solstice Initiation Portal Workshop ✯¸¸•*☽´° •


Saturday 19th December, 12pm – 3.30pm  AEDT


Align With the Greater Celestial Cycles


 Manifest a New World for Yourself, Your Community & The Earth


Celebrate Your Role As A Quantum Creator



2021 Solstice Initiation Workshop

 December Solstice marks the changing of an era.

As this fractured year of 2020 finally draws to a close join me in transformational ritual to

step through the Solstice & Great Conjunction Portal into 2021



2020 was a year of clarity, clearing and difficult lessons

It was also a year of awakening and inspiration




Join me online for a transformational ceremony of acknowledgement, loving release and vision creation

Clear and refine your frequency with ritual as you pass through this Gateway



Release confusion, chaos, bewilderment, disorientation and anger

Celebrate the birth of a New World as we move through the

Solstice Portal and into the Age Of Aquarius.

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winter solstice workshop



Claim Your Position as a Quantum Creator of the New World

in this safe and sacred workshop



Through the confusion, chaos and limitation of 2020 an unveiling has emerged, a reveal of festering unbalance and disharmony lying under the surface of our society and our lives.

We are at a global tipping point, a point of choice—to continue as before, or to take responsibility, reclaim our power, and create new ways of living and working.

This Solstice is where our road forks and we MUST CHOOSE whether to return to old ways or step forward as Spiritual Adventurers into a New World



Emerging from 2020, a fractured year of restriction and limitation we awaken,

ready to remember, release, reset, vision, and renew as we create a new future.



Through ceremony we will engage with the creative Universal Mind to consciously energise the seed of our vision to  create a future aligned with deliberate intention.




You’ll love this online workshop of

reflection, meditation, journaling, ceremony, discussion and guidance

to support you to create a Conscious Vision for your future




I attended Catherine’s ‘New Year and Solstice Workshop’. It was the first time that I attended anything that allowed me to look at the year that had gone and also set goals for the year to come. I found it both empowering and comforting to know there was a safe space to discuss these things in. Catherine is a skilled facilitator who held the space with empathy, compassion and motivation which is sometimes hard to do. I would definitely attend again.
Liesel Albrecht

The Retreat Specialist




Join me to…


♥ Connect with your Highest Self to integrate the lessons of 2020
♥ Release grief, anger, bewilderment or desolation
♥ Embody your 2020 lessons to keep you grounded and stable
♥ Generate Courage, Clarity, Power and Enthusiasm to shape new realities
♥ Align with Quantum Purpose to shape clear vision for a New World
♥ Sow the creative seed of your vision for 2021 with clarity and focus
♥ Manifest a new reality of Conscious Intention and Divine Purpose
♥ Fearlessly embrace your Creative Power and open your Soul to infinite Quantum Potential and Cosmic Wisdom



Close and release the energy of 2020 in this powerful and transformative ceremony.

Step through the Gateway to renewal and transformation

Call in peace, stability, expansion and evolution to

consciously step forward into the grander narrative of 2021 and beyond on the 5D spiral



Join us for this powerful ceremony

Awaken and emerge to open the gateway to renewal and transformation



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DATE:    Saturday 19th December

TIME:     12.00pm – 3.30pm AEDT    Find time in your zone here

LOCATION:   Online (link sent after registration)

COST:   $59 (AUD)

Places limited


Questions?   Contact me  


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