Winter Solstice Awakening Workshop


• ´°☽*•¸¸✯ Celebrate The Returning Light ✯¸¸•*☽´° •


Manifest your vision for your life of passion and purpose



winter solstice workshop Melbourne 2018


Midwinter is a time for nurturing and self-care.
At this darkest time of year, Winter Solstice, we follow the greater cycles of nature and instinctively turn within to nourish and replenish ourselves.
Sending our metaphorical roots deep into the earth, we turn inwards, engage with our deep inner wisdom, and integrate the lessons of the past year.
Just as New Moon marks a time of rebirth in the Lunar Cycle, so too does the Winter Solstice mark the time of rebirth and new beginnings in the Solar Cycle.
As we nurture ourselves in this time of incubation we prepare to plant the creative seeds of our vision.
winter solstice workshop 2018 melbourne


This Winter Solstice celebrate the return of the light in



Create your WINTER SOLSTICE VISION WHEEL for the months ahead



As we emerge from the darkness of midwinter we awaken ready to set new resolutions, new goals, and new dreams for the future.

Too often we do it impulsively without first engaging with our Highest Self to map out a life vision that creates wholeness.  But through ceremony we powerfully energise the seed of our vision to create a future aligned with heart and soul intention.


♥ A very special transformative ceremony of rebirth and renewal

♥ Plant the creative seed of your vision and move forward with clarity and focus

♥ Connect with your Highest Self to manifest a life of intention and Divine Purpose

♥ Fearlessly embrace the creative power of the divine feminine and open your soul to infinite potential and cosmic wisdom

♥ Use precision and perception to design a future in alignment with your deepest heart values and desires

♥ Create a gateway of intention to trust in the flow and Divine timing of the Universe

♥ Reclaim your power and capability to manifest your deepest desires

♥ Lay the foundation for a calmer, more stable, grounded embodiment of the lessons you experienced over the past year

♥ Share this uplifting experience with like-minded women



This ceremony will provide a safe supportive nurturing space for you to engage deeply with Source energy and access the deep feminine wisdom you hold within

I will guide you through meditation to distil your vision for moving forward in all the layers of your life – body, emotions, mind and spirit
“The knowledge of the heart is in no book and is not found in the mouth of any teacher, but grows up out of you like the green seed from the dark earth”.      ~   C.G. Jung


This is a full day workshop of reflection, meditation, journaling, ceremony, discussion, and guidance to support you to create a focused vision for your future.
A vegetarian lunch is included.


Join us for this powerful ceremony. Awaken and emerge to open the gateway to renewal and transformation





DATE:    Sunday 24th June
TIME:     10.00am – 4.00pm
LOCATION:   To be confirmed
COST:   $139





Vision Wheels


A vision wheel is a mystical tool that combines vision with identity and helps you get really clear about what your life looks like. The enormous power of the Vision Wheel lies in the blending of the three levels of mind that are essential to transformation and creation – conscious, subconscious and superconscious.

They differ from vision boards which although they help ground what you want to create, lack the deep impact of a Vision Wheel.