When someone in the household has extra work committments or study pressure it can affect everyone they share the house with. Anyone sensitive to others energies can become sick, anxious or even depressed. The key is to reduce exam stress before it takes over. These natural remedies for exam stress will help everyone in the household cope.


natural remedies to reduce exam stress



For families with students studying final year high school or university this is a stressful time in the run up to (and through) end-of-semester exams. 



Natural Remedies For Exam Stress



Flower Essences


The Australian Bush Flower Essence “Calm & Clear” or “Bach Rescue Remedy” is a great support for anyone feeling the pressure and stress to perform. It is very helpful to settle down anxiety. Each is slightly different so check the indications before you buy it. You can also take some yourself if other’s worry is affecting you.

Australian Bush Flower Essences ‘Cognis’ aids study focus and is easy to use and carry around with you. It balances daydreaming, confusion and that sense of overwhelm and gives clarity and focus to help with the assimilation of ideas. A great treatment for anyone trying to consolidate information.



Homeopathic Remedies


There are some great homeopathic remedies to calm exam nerves and reduce the anticipatory anxiety that the students experience before the actual exam.

  • Gelsemium is great on the day for exam jitters.
  • Aethusa helps when you seem to forget everything you studied as soon as you open the exam and can’t focus on what you actually know.   
  • Lycopodium helps those who overstudy and then worry they don’t know enough   
  • Argentum nitricum helps if exam worry starts to become panic  
  • Kali-phos is a good remedy when mental and physical exhaustion follows too much study, causing loss of concentration and memory. This remedy is also available as part of the Schuessler Tissue Salts range.


For those who have completed my short ‘Homeopathy For The Family’ Course, don’t forget the indications for when Gelsemium is called for as it gives fast results.


Some homeopathic remedies are available in stores and these can be useful for acute situations. But if you consistently find you’re affected by situations such as exams you’ll get longer-lasting and deeper results by consulting a professional homeopath. They’ll select a remedy to target your  specific symptoms whether that’s worry, anxiety, sleep issues, foggy thinking and forgetfulness, mood swings.



Essentail Oils


Studies show burning essential oils can induce brain power. Here are some essentail oils to try:

  • Basil is one of the best for clarity and encourages concentration. Mix it with rosemary to stimulate memory recall.
  • Peppermint stimulates the brain and promotes clear thinking.
  • Lavender is soothing and relaxing and is useful if stress prevents sleep.

All the oils can be used in an oil burner but will be more beneficial in a diffuser.





These foods boost brain power.

  • Omega-3 enhances learning ability and boosts memory power. It is found in many foods including sardines, salmon, chia seeds, walnuts, flaxseeds, seaweed, as well as fish oil supplements especially krill oil. Foods are generally a better choice than supplements.
  • Avocadoes increase blood flow to the brain.
  • Chocolate increases endorphin production to improve focus and concentration. Dark chocolate helps cognitive skills by boosting blood supply to the brain. But don’t get carried away with the chocolate
  • Nuts and seeds help memory and cognitive skills and are easy to munch while you study or work.    
  • Cut back on sugar and stimulants like caffeine and nicotine.





Taking a multivitamin can help keep up vitamin levels that are lost with stress.





One of the best of all ways to reduce exam stress is to do some meditation or relaxation. Yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong, or free dance is an excellent way to achieve this quickly. Here are some great tips for relieving stress fast.



Health problems that seem unrelated often resurface with increased stress, poor immunity or even the change of seasons. It’s easy to become ill as your body reacts to the increased pressure you’re experiencing, if you don’t adopt practices to support your adrenal glands and reduce the stress hormones. While it’s best to provide support long before exam time, these natural remedies will help you get through the next few weeks with better focus and memory retrieval.


Use these natural remedies to reduce your exam stress
and good luck with your exams!






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