What does the journey of transformation look like? What happens as we awaken? 


Awaken: The Hero's Journey of Transformation


The Hero’s Journey


That moment when you start to doubt and question your old habits, beliefs and actions, the beliefs you unconsciously adopted as a framework for yourself and your life, is the moment you awaken to life.

As you sense there is a greater presence and meaning to life your awareness is triggered. You begin to notice where things don’t add up, things you’d missed before. You start to see with clarity that much of what you were taught is not aligned with your values. And your search for deeper meaning begins.

With this Spiritual Awakening you start to question your purpose, why you are here, the circle of life and death, and the nature of life. You begin to seek meaning in connections, as you become aware that something is missing, you begin to yearn to discover a state of higher consciousness.

Often those around you can’t understand your new focus, and no longer support you. So this can feel a very lonely anf frightening time. Some call this experience the dark night of the soul. But, as in every Hero’s Journey, in order to emerge cleansed and renewed, we must first travel to the depths, passing through a challenge or test along the way. 

Transitioning through this time can be frightening. It can feel as if you’re caught in the void. In order to pass through this first Gateway of the initiation process you must call forth your courage. Apprehension, reluctance, uncertainty surround you as you must leave all that’s familiar behind if you are to undertake this journey. 




The Gateway Of Authentic Power


Having called in your courage you begin to move forward. 

But then, suddenly, you’re surrounded with a cacophany of noise from the unconscious. Obstacles and reasons why you can’t continue on your journey appear. The movement and change you achieved brings disillusionment. Doubts creep in. “I can’t do this.”  “I don’t deserve it.”  “What was I thinking?”  

Once again you question your choices as you search for authenticity, truth, and deep engagement with Source. You relinguish your metaphysical power to the obstacles, wherever they have come from. 

As you face this challenge you are called on pull yourself out of the idea of limitation and unworthiness. You are being invited to reclaim your authentic power in order to again move forward. It can be difficult to reject the self doubts and close your ears to the misgivings of others. Rather than engage with emotions that rise up you witness them with awareness, from a place of stillness, calm and clarity. 




The Challenge Of Confusion


As you awaken to this process of evolving and expansion you begin to re-engage with your soul. You are always connected, that never stops, but for some time, perhaps your whole life, you had not been actively engaged with your higher consciousness. As you start to grow the relationship, you begin to experience the transformation. You begin to find peace, freedom and joy.

At the same time you may feel confused, as your life no longer seems to make any sense. This is the third stage of the initiation process where you are challenged to transmute this confusion into clarity.

It may feel as though you are surrounded by chaos and upheaval. But the confusion and suffering you experience during this transition has a purpose. As the old is broken apart it opens the doorway for the new. This time is a dismantling, or death, of all your outdated beliefs and habits. A breaking apart to create a space for new awareness, understandings and consciousness to move in.

In many ways this process is similar to what happens when you upgrade your computer. The new software you want to install won’t run properly while the old software is still installed. So before you can install the new version, you must first clear out all the old, outdated programs.

Often at this point you are ready to discard all the crap, all the inauthentic superficial rubbish that masquerades as spirituality. And again you go searching for more; for something deeper than feel-good self-help; something more than pretty trinkets. You become a student of transpersonal philosophies or ultimately, deep Mystic principles. 


You position yourself in alignment with the voice of your soul to find clarity. 

The wisdom you seek is within




Burnout, The Fourth Challenge


And so you reach the final Gateway and the challenge of exhaustion.  You have fought so hard but it seems without success. You feel you now understand much more, but also understand nothing. Suddenly it seems the challenge, the journey is unsurmountable and you give up. You have lost your zest for life and the impetous to continue.

This is the challenge. You must exercise choice at this point to claim your Sovereign and Divine Identity. 


WHO we become along the way is really the ULTIMATE reward. And once we become it can never be taken away from you.




Breakthroughs And New Perspectives


As your perspectives shift you can no longer view the world in your old unconscious and unaware way. You begin to find answers and to experience breakthroughs which bring joy and hope. The heavy veil of darkness starts to life, or thin, and you experience moments of lightness. 

Gradually you integrate the lessons along this path, and the insights you receive from doing the inner work. 

As you began this integration process into your everyday life, you create new habits in your life and thoughts.  And as you engage ever more deeply with the Divine you create deep and long-lasting change .

And here you have come full circle, through the journey of transformation, to awaken to the true Divine purpose of your life on Earth. Your purpose, as it is for each of us, is simply to remember who you truly are, a divine spark of Source energy.

Nothing more. 


What you do on the earth plane is how you choose to express yourself as a Spark of the Divine. What you do is purely an expression, not a purpose. It is in the Being, rather than the Doing, and your Awareness of that, that you find your True Purpose.