So many people feel overwhelmed today. They stumble through their life trying to stay a-top the wave of obligation and busyness, without falling and crashing. Just staying up there requires energy and effort. The answer is to declutter. Getting rid of stuff can help clear space in your life and your head to make that balancing act just a little easier.

As life speeds up the feeling that we need to simplify, if only to stay on top and survive, gains urgency. Decluttering is often the first step towards a simpler life. The beauty of clearing out the junk in your life is you don’t need to limit it to just the old clothes you no longer wear. It can also be undertaken as a conscious project where you target clearing on every single level of your being.

declutter for clarity and control


Declutter Your Life

Everyone is familiar with spring cleaning but not so many set themselves up to undertake the “whole enchilada”, to declutter more than just their possessions. When you view de-cluttering as a “life-cleanse” rather than as simply a bit of a clean-out you create a cascade of dynamic life-changing effects.

Everyone has stuff in their life that no longer serves them. Baggage that no longer supports them to be the best they can be needs to be shifted. Sad to say this outdated stuff can even include people.

To do a full declutter of your life really takes some hard soul-searching. In order to totally renew ourselves on every level we need to clear our life completely. It’s not just belongings, but also outdated or negative beliefs, debt, bad habits, people who leave us feeling bad about ourselves, judgments and criticisms of self and others, or mental clutter.

For many holding onto excess possessions, thoughts, emotions or beliefs, relates to our past experiences and what we learned as we grew up. Relationships, feelings of obligation, debt can all be tied tightly to emotions that are rooted deep in our early years. Therefore they can sometimes be difficult to dislodge. Often we are not even conscious of where they arose from.


How To Declutter

The process of life de-cluttering can seem a mammoth exercise. It can seem completely overwhelming and confusing. Where to actually begin could even stop you from starting.

But the same rules that apply to spring-cleaning also apply to making the total life clean out happen. Just as you start spring-cleaning in one room and work systematically through the whole house, so too do you start with one small part of your life and clear that first.

It’s all about recognizing what needs to go then breaking the challenge down into small steps that are easy to manage and succeed at.

The beliefs, habits, and possessions in our life can have a great hold on us and shifting them can be very challenging and difficult. Often by clearing out excess possessions in our life we create a ‘roll’. That roll then eases us into decluttering the trickier things.

By starting in our homes and removing the excess we open the way for a decluttering on all levels. We open the way for clarity and space in our surroundings, as well as our mind, body and spirit. Once we declutter our possessions we can begin to recognize and discard those more challenging things in our life, the mental clutter, debt, bad jobs, even relationships.

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