Exciting News – I have a fabulous Self-Care Retreat for women coming up in November 2019 and a Wellness Retreat in September 2019. 


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I love what I do. And even though I’m used to seeing wonderful results for my clients, I’m still always thrilled when I see the difference the remedies make to their lives as a whole, not just their health.

For nearly twenty years I’ve been helping people reclaim their health and improve their wellness. We get great results with the traditional remedies I use. But a while back I noticed that when clients also joined my workshops and classes which focused on what I call their ‘wider health’ and their intuition they got really big shifts in their health and wellness, as well as other areas of their lives.


So I’ve been dreaming for some time to create a program that takes the work we do in consultations much further for deeper results.

And I finally worked out the best way to do that was through Retreats. I’ve set up a few on my own but this year I’ve joined with the gorgeous retreat specialist herself, Liesel Albrecht of Retreats At Resorts to grow the opportunities to create a whole new level of wellness. And you won’t want to miss out.


This year I have two retreats planned and I’d love to tell you about both because they are quite different!



Retreat Number 1


LiveLife: LoveLife: LongLife,  September 2019


The first retreat coming up is through Retreats At Resorts in Luang Prabang, the spiritual centre of undiscovered Laos. The LiveLife:LoveLife:LongLife retreat is a Wellness retreat for Over 50’s(ish) women and men.



You’ve always known that Wellness is more than just eating right and exercising. What things are essentail so you really need to include them in your plan? Which practices are the MOST important? How do you tailor it to suit YOU? How do you make it a part of your everyday life? Are there things that are particularly important if you’re over 50? How do you get that edge on your wellness so you continue to thrive?

Putting a whole wellness package together can get tricky, especially when you’re constantly being dragged back into the responsibilities of daily life.


And that’s where a Wellness Retreat comes into play


8 days in the 5 star luxury of the Belmond La Résidence Phou Vao Resort gives you the chance to disconnect from the outside world and focus on designing your Wellness For Midlife Plan with me. Because let’s be honest, you’re never going to get enough time free to do it otherwise!


Get the chance to focus on all the other things that contribute to wellness – sleep, stress, grounding, creativity, support, and much more.

Enjoy the supportive and inspiring company of others at the same point of the life journey as you.

Be guided about how to prioritise your wellness practices and what you simply must include.


Plus you’ll receive a private consultation with me beforehand just to focus on what you want from the Retreat.


Together we’ll create a crystal clear plan to carry you in Wellness

through your 50’s and beyond


But it’s not all about work.

There’s plenty of time for play with excellent activities such as a Laos cooking class, blessing by the resident monk, Tak Bak, night market, exploring temples, boat ride and more.


Click through to this link (takes you to the Retreats At Resorts website) for more information and a sneak peak at the venue.



Nitty Gritty Details:


Date: 7th – 14th September

LocationBelmond La Résidence Phou Vao, Luang Prabang, Laos

Investment: from  AU $3,562  (US $2,555 approx)

If you’d love to set yourself up for a life you love as you move on through midlife email Retreats For Resorts




Retreat Number 2


Discover Vietnam – Find Yourself,  November 2019


This is a special and very different retreat to magical, vibrant Vietnam and just for women of all ages. 




Why is this retreat so different? 


Because it weaves the deep insights and awakenings that emerge from the Self-Care retreat workshops, with a journey of discovery into the culture, history, people and beauty that’s Vietnam, with a fun girls’ week away.  And you don’t normally get all that happening together!


It’s becoming essential and urgent to set a Conscious Self-Care practice in place if we’re to create the resilience to ride the Overwhelm and Stress Wave, without drowning. Together we journey through the lens of Self-Care to create a plan for you to take home that nurtures and nourishes. 

Through this retreat I’ll help you connect with your deep inner wisdom to create a unique Self-Care Plan that supports and nurtures you. You’ll uncover insights, find clarity and focus, as you plant the seed for a healthier happier you.


womens self care retreat features9 incredible days to reconnect with your hopes, dreams and authentic juicy-self.

womens self care retreat featuresStaying in luxury accommodation with everything included so you don’t have to worry about any of it.

womens self care retreat features It’s the very best way to relax, regroup, rejuvenate, refocus and renew before the inevitable end-of-year-craziness takes over.


We’ll travel to three iconic Vietnam locations, with inspiring workshops, fabulous activities, glorious locations, delicious soul-food, sassy women, luxury hotels, personal growth, an overnight cruise, massage, and so much more.


Plus you get 1:1 support from me before, during and after the retreat to set you on a path where your Conscious Self-Care is more than just a plan – it’s a reality.


Imagine if you could…


  • Reduce stress, promote wellness & happinesswomens retreat
  • Connect with a new culture to expand awareness
  • Activate your senses
  • Uncover personal insights
  • Have fun, loosen up, create joy
  • Connect with yourself & other like minded women
  • Bring your mind, body, emotions & spirit into wholeness
  • Return home, Uplifted, Energised, Inspired & Renewed



Here’s what the The Retreat Specialist, Liesel Albrecht said:

“If you haven’t been on a retreat you should. And this one is different to normal. I see a LOT of stock standard retreats. This one also takes in the magic of Vietnam. You get to connect with people that live there. I often say retreats change lives – they just do, and until you’ve experienced that and felt the magical change that happens you just won’t understand.”



Nitty Gritty Details:


Date: 2nd – 10th November 2019

Location: Hoi An, Hanoi, & Halong Bay, Vietnam (see here for accommodation details)

Investment:  from AU $3,147  (US $2,297 approx) 


Check out all the details here (this link takes you to my dedicated retreat website) 


Contact me for more information

or to talk about a Flexible Payment Plan to suit you    ???



One last thing…


I don’t want to scare you but if Vietnam has been on your Bucket List get on board now!

It’s changing SO FAST and the old Vietnam is rapidly disappearing.

If you leave it too long you may miss it forever.


I hope you can join me ??


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