Keeping well hydrated is really important. Most people try to drink enough water. But most are not aware of how they can take that one step further for even better health. Drinking warm lemon water or lime water in the morning is one of the best things you can do for yourself to keep healthy.

Tomorrow, March 22, is World Water Day and while it’s about water co-operation practices, what better day is there to start to improve our own personal hydration practices?


lemon lime water benefits


The way you begin each day is important because it sets you up to either increase or diminish your disease resistance. Make certain that you start each day properly hydrated as it brings lots of benefits. Obviously it stops dehydration. But in addition it can contribute to preventing adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is becoming more and more common as life becomes more stressful.


Lemon Water And Toxins

Adequate water intake is essential for the proper elimination of toxins from your body. When you are dehydrated it becomes really difficult for your body to eliminate waste products which then leads to a toxic buildup. This causes many symptoms:

  • Feeling stressed
  • Constipation
  • Arthritis
  • Skin outbreaks
  • Many more problems.

In addition your body stores more fat when you’re dehydrated due to added stress on the kidneys and liver which don’t perform properly.

Surprisingly, Ayurvedic, or yogic, practice brings one very simple practice to boost your intake of water. Ayurveda uses it to stimulate the digestion and eliminate the toxic slime, called ama, that builds up in the gastro-intestinal tract.

This is the simple practice of drinking a mug of warm water with lemon or lime squeezed into it first thing in the morning. It helps to activate your body’s detoxifying process and also its natural cleansing processes.





1.Helps your liver eliminate toxins

Your liver loves warm lemon/lime water because it purifies and stimulates by liquefying bile and inhibiting excess bile flow. Also the liver is able to produce more enzymes from lemon/lime water than from any other food. Your liver is one of the hardest working organs in your body with detoxification and digestion being only two of its functions. A little lemon/lime nurture leads to a healthy and happy liver.


2. Helps digestion

Warm lemon/lime water is very similar to saliva and the digestive juices of the stomach which break down the food.  Therefore it increases the acidity of your digestive system. It improves your body’s ability to absorb nutrients which then helps with reducing feelings of hunger.


3. Helps elimination of toxic wastes

Warm lemon/lime water helps your bowels to eliminate naturally and easily. It also helps dilute accumulated uric acid which causes arthritis or gout when it builds up in the body. By supporting the liver in its detoxifying role it helps prevent acne. It gently flushes your kidneys and cleanses your lymphatic system, another channel for the elimination of toxic waste products.


4. Balances pH

Lemon/lime water has an alkylizing effect in the body. Strangely, even though lemons are acidic they have an incredibly alkaline effect in your body once they’re metabolized! Even drinking lemon water just before any meal helps your body maintain a higher pH than if you didn’t drink it. Most major (and minor) diseases which thrive in an acidic environment. So when your body has a higher internal pH, that is more alkaline, it’s far more resistant to disease. Cancer cells for example breed better in an acidic environment.


5. Protects your cardiovascular and nervous systems

Lemons and limes are high in potassium. This mineral works alongside sodium and is vital for the smooth working of the nervous system and brain. Low potassium levels can lead to depression, anxiety, forgetfulness and brain fogginess as well as muscle cramps and arrhythmias. Potassium is crucial for heart health and can help prevent stroke.


6. Boosts your immune system

Lemons and limes contain good ratios of calcium and magnesium in plentiful quantities. These minerals work together to prevent many health problems. Just one lemon has 30.7mg of the antioxidant Vitamin C which is great for fighting off colds and chest infections. Lemons and limes have very high levels of the antioxidant Hesperidin. This bioflvonoid is anti-inflammatory and believed to have anti-cancer activity.


7. Helps weight loss

Lemons are high in pectin fibre which helps fight hunger cravings. By cleaning out toxins and internal waste it helps speed up weight loss. In addition it promotes quick bursts of energy. Because it works proportionally, the more you drink the more your weight loss should speed up. If you replace your other drinks with lemon water you also have the advantage of a zero kilojoule drink.




Take lemon/lime water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Before eating or drinking anything else squeeze half a lemon or lime into half a glass of warm water. Stir it and drink. The water will turn cloudy when you add the lemon or lime. You need to then wait between half to one hour before you eat to get the best results.

  • Don’t use bottled lemon or lime juice – use fresh fruit.
  • Make sure the water you use is pure – filtered or spring water
  • Make sure the water is warm. Don’t use cold water as it is very hard on the digestion slowing it down. Plus hot water will kill the enzymes in freshly squeezed juice
  • Don’t add sugar or other sweeteners


If you want more from your lemon/lime water you could really spice up your metabolism by simply adding a pinch of ground cinnamon and a pinch of ground ginger. The cinnamon would be a great addition if you have any issues with blood sugars.

This is such an easy habit to adopt – it’s cheap and certain to build your health. Try it out for a month and see how it can radically change how you start your day.


So, which of the benefits that warm lemon/lime water offers would be the one to get you started on drinking it daily? Tell me in the comments below. Or is you already know and love lemon water what benefits have you noticed?


lemon lime water benefits



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