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Someone asked me whether self-care really works. She said “How do we know it actually does anything?”  And I have to admit I was pretty surprised! I know that self-care makes a HUGE difference to your health, if it’s done consciously.

But her question got me thinking. The link between self-care and wellness seems so obvious to me. So I wondered why she’d have trouble seeing this connection.

And then I realised


Her problem was she didn’t really understand what Conscious Self-Care was.

She was getting confused by the idea that self-care was all those beautiful indulgences we love. Massage, manicures, flowers – those lovely things that form an occasional indulgent gift to ourselves.

But in this she missed the whole point of Conscious Self-Care.



Self-Care And Wellness

Conscious Self-Care works because it forms the fundamental basics of a healthy life. It places the small rituals that keep you grounded, energised and joyful as part of everyday life.


I can’t give you exact proof of how well it works.  But what I can say is when you neglect your self-care the rest of your life falls apart.

In clinic I see people whose lack of self-care affects their health, either aggravating a problem they already have, or even causing a new health issue.

It can also destroy a relationship, undermine career, affect finances, or even leave you questioning what the purpose of it all is.



The Issue Behind The Issue

For nearly twenty years seeing clients, with health issues I’ve noticed the same underlying patterns in one after another.

What I see, is that underneath their health problems there is always a problem with self-care and boundaries.

They don’t get enough sleep. Say ‘maybe’ when they long to say ‘NO’. They exist on the brink of overwhelm with constant fear everything will fall apart. Or they put what they want and need right to the bottom of the to-do list. 


Together we work to resolve their health issue. But often they come back with another health problem. And when they do there’s always no change to their (lack of) self-care practices.


Conscious Self-Care is about the fundamental basics of a healthy, happy life.


Self-care is essential. 

I can’t make the change for you. But I can guide you to the self-care changes that are right for your wellness.


  • If you’ve been putting out for others and all you’re getting in return is a whole heap of overwhelmed and undervalued, then this is for you.
  • If your health never feels right, if you feel like you’re just one big bucket of not-quite-right, then this is for.
  • If setting boundaries seems way too hard, even though your body’s telling you you can’t go on like this, then this is for you.


I want to urge you today to start showing up for YOURSELF, and to continue to do it each and every day.

Change won’t happen overnight. You won’t suddenly feel totally fabulous tomorrow. Deep changes need time to grow. Over time your health and wellness will change and you’ll view life very differently.


Here’s how to get started.



How To Show Up For YOU Every Day


1. Be open to change

This seems obvious! But for many it’s enough for them to bury their heads and resolve to stay right where they are.

Take a deep breath and step forward. Don’t forget change is uncomfortable, but magic happens outside the comfort zone.


2. Be willing to take risks

Sometimes you just have to dive right in without knowing the end result.

Risks are essential in order to grow. It’s about that comfort zone again. Know, and remind yourself that even greater rewards wait at the other end.


3. Trust the benefits of self-care

Small easy rituals are the foundation.

Don’t toss something aside because it sounds too simple to be true. Sometimes it’s the simplest changes that are the most powerful. They can set a whole cascade into motion that changes your entire trajectory.


4. Be intentional

This is what I mean by Conscious self-care.

When you bring consciousness into your daily self-care practices you make choices about what you will do with purpose. It means you show up with intention, purpose and consistency. You’re not impulsive or erratic, or fly by the seat of your pants. You know where you’re aiming and you consciously choose to shoot that arrow straight and true.


5. Create your team

Support is everything! You may be good at surviving. But when you’re unwell, your energy is low, or you feel lonely, unacknowledged, overcommitted, you need someone who has your back.

To grow in joy you need support. So reach out for the support you need in whatever area of your life you’re suffering.


6. Get enough sleep

Basic? Totally! 

Sleep and stress are like inseparable destructive lovers. Stress leads to poor sleep and poor sleep creates stress. It’s a never-ending downward spiral that doesn’t serve or support you or anyone in your life.

Leave the laundry, put away the smartphone, close your work until tomorrow and go to bed earlier!  It’s the very first Conscious Self-Care step.


7. Stop the excuses

Self-Care means listening to what your body asks of you.

We all make excuses why we can’t do what we need for ourselves. No time, no money, others depend on me, it’s selfish, or a hundred other reasons why we can’t practice self-care. Conscious Self-Care is about the little everyday things that bring lightness and joy, fearless energy and solid grounding.

But those things will never become a part of your life if you always have a reason ‘why not’. Let the excuse go and trust that if you look after yourself you’ll be in a better space to make things work in your life.



 The New Self-Care And Wellness Paradigm 


It’s time to make a shift in how you’re doing health and wellness.  The old paradigm of treating an illness (even naturally) so you can soldier on just doesn’t work any more.

That paradigm is OVER AND OUT.


I’m guessing if you’re reading this you’ve tried the natural approach and while you’ve seen results you’re not satisfied. Even if your health is great it feels like something’s missing and you find yourself asking “Is this all there is?”

 You’re not where you want to be – well on ALL levels, body, mind, emotions and spirit.


You need to know this:


It’s a New World.  What worked back when I started practicing in 2000 just doesn’t hold-up any more.

Life is now so much more complex and everyone has more complex problems.

To thrive today you need to make changes right across your life, including self-care and setting boundaries.

We’re fast becoming a society that’s victim to chronic ill health.


We need a new 21st Century approach to wellness, where we don’t simply pop a pill (or herb) to keep going. We need to consciously create wellness on all levels and maintain it with a solid foundation of Conscious Self-Care practices, every day.

This approach includes remedies to reduce pain and strengthen the immune system. It also includes proper sleep, good nutrition, movement, stress management, creativity, spirituality, and support networks.

Basically this new approach addresses your health by re-aligning your life with what you really need. As a result it creates wellness in all areas of your life and on all levels of yourself. 


The question is – are you up for it? Are you ready to shift into this new paradigm? Are you ready to shift your perspective and shift your wellness?


Can you truly say “I’ve got this”? 


If you need support with your self-care and wellness I’m here for you. Click here and we’ll chat.    


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