You don’t need six ways to take back control, just one straightforward way!  The only thing we have any true control over in life is our inner world.  But when we are strong  in our authentic power we can intentionally direct our outer world, because our outer world mirrors our inner world.  Effectively we take back control of our life and how we interact with the world.


take back control



Everything we experience in the outer world is a reflection of what is happening on the inside.  If our life experience is chaos it reflects a chaotic state within.  If we notice exploitation all around, it is mirroring a sense of powerlessness within our self.

This is not about attracting things to us but rather, knowing that what we notice in our outer world reflects our inner experience.

In other words, we play an active role in how we experience our world, although we may not be doing it consciously.  However, we can change that and make that choice conscious, by becoming aware of how we respond to what happens around, and to us.



Notice What You Notice


Take a moment to observe where your thoughts are right now.  Don’t judge, don’t attach any emotions, simply observe with keen awareness.  Notice what your notice.

If your thoughts or emotions right now are focused on feeling hurt, or overwhelmed, or not good enough, or any other such feeling, step outside the emotion.  Put it to one side and simply witness it.

Observe and say to yourself  “Well that’s interesting.”  Ask yourself  “Why is it I feel like that?”  Look for what has brought on that feeling without getting pulled back into the emotion that surrounds it.

This is how you begin to break apart the powerful hold your personal story has over you.  It’s how you can shatter the emotional overwhelm it creates.

Ultimately you hold all the control, all the power, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.  But too often we allow ourselves to be directed by the deep-seated beliefs and stories we inherited from others.  Rarely do those beliefs even reflect our own values!


YOU alone have the power to choose whether you get caught up in emotional drama, what you’ll focus on, what actions you’ll take and what thoughts you’ll energise, believe in and, ultimately, make real.



Break Apart The Cycle Of Limitation


Deeply held beliefs lead to habits. The way we behave, our habits, then reinforces the belief, which reinforces the habit.  This cycle never ends until you consciously and systematically break it apart.

First you must become aware of just what the beliefs are, and then you can begin to question whether they hold truth.  Whenever the feelings of fear rise up, or when you find yourself doing distracting things in order to put off the inevitable, examine what’s really going on.  Step back and observe the feeling.  Notice the trigger.  By simply shining a light of awareness onto it you’ll start to uncover the pattern, that is the habit, and then the underlying belief.

While you’re doing this process remain aware of emotion and whenever it creeps back in, regroup, and release it once more.  It’s really important to stay outside the emotion in order to be able to clearly see what’s really happening.



If you find you’re beating yourself up or getting lost in a pattern of drama, stress or overwhelm, it’s time to make different choices in order to break apart the cycle.

It’s time to AWAKEN so you can step out of the cycle.

Redirect your thoughts and attention in a way that serves you, and those around you.

Take back your power.

Own your life.


YOU alone create your experience of the world around you.  This is a really BIG concept to get your head around and often difficult to truly take onboard and own.  It takes conscious commitment.

When you reclaim your authentic power you can create your life with intention.



Take Back Control: Reclaim Your Authentic Power



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It’s time to AWAKEN, break apart that limitation and create a life of Soul Empowered Wholeness and Wellness


 take back control





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