Spring has blossomed in all her exuberance, bringing the reminder of youth, and the promise of new beginnings. Spring is the time of transformation and growth; the time to renew your energy and change your life. These top tips for Spring wellness will launch your momentum to rise to your fullest Summer potential.

As the days warm and lengthen in Spring you start to feel lighter, in body, emotions, mind and spirit.

These unexpected practices will help you feel your best and at the peak of Spring wellness.


top tips for spring wellness


Top Spring Wellness Tips…



To Awaken


Get outside. Play, socialise and have fun, just as a child would.

The sun is up earlier and staying around later. Join him and get outside to watch the dawn. Even if you wake grumpy give yourself the opportunity to get out, feel the earth under your feet and soak in all the rebalancing benefits of grounding as you connect with the Earth.



Spring Movement


Instead of letting restlessness irritate you in spring use it to kick-start your exercise program.

Spring is a great time to overhaul – or begin – your exercise routine. Walk, join a dance class, try yoga, qi gong or tai chi, even join a hiking group or cricket team.

Honour your body by not overdoing it, and remember to keep hydrated or you’ll become fatigued very quickly.



Spring Foods


As we move out of winter’s chill we need to change our diet. The heavy, salty foods of winter put a big strain on your liver, which is sensitive during spring. Your liver is the main detoxifier in your body so it needs some TLC during spring. Cut back on alcohol, fats, oil and particularly junk food.

Sour foods like vinegar, lemons, limes and grapefruit stimulate your liver. An excellent spring wellness practice is drinking lemon or lime water in the morning.

Bitter foods cleanse the liver and are essential to good health. Some bitter foods are dandelion greens, radicchio, rapini, endive, kale, rocket, rye, chamomile, unsweetened cocoa, daikon, and even nettles. A salad of mixed leaves can easily include many bitter herbs.

Replace heavy winter foods with light, quickly-cooked ingredients.



Friend’s Support


With the warmer weather and longer days, Spring is a great time to reconnect with your support network.

Having friends who have your back when the going gets rough, and who really listen to you, is essential for wellness. Having someone you really trust who will hold the space for you to download, discuss, or even rant if you need, helps you stay on top of stress and overwhelm as life gets busier.



Better Sleep


Most people don’t get enough sleep. Many have passed the point where they can recognise that they need sleep.

You need between seven and eight hours sleep every night. Binge sleeping on the weekend doesn’t compensate for lost sleep during the week, or the other way around.

If worry is keeping you awake introduce some strategies to reduce the stress.

If your bedroom does not support good sleep use this guide to make changes

Most importantly, don’t sleep with your cell phone anywhere near you, and stop using at least thirty minutes before bedtime.



Reduce Stress


Spring is the perfect time to set the resolve to manage your stress more effectively.

As we move through Spring towards the end of the year life gets busier and busier. It’s easy to roll on juggling more and more balls until you succumb to overwhelm without ever realising it’s happening before you . Don’t end up burnt out by year end.

While planning plays an important role de-stress techniques are just as important to get on top of your stress and stay there.

Get excellent tips to reduce your stress easily and quickly in the busy days up to the end of the year in my 30 Days Of Stress Relief  Video Playlist 



Spring Clean Your Mind


When you want to bring the new into your life you have to make space for it. Whether it’s a new Spring wardrobe, new habits or new thought patterns, for it to become a new habit you need to release everything that no longer serves you.

Spring offers a great opportunity to clear the mind and get rid of thoughts that undermine our self-esteem, or are toxic to relationships. Once you’ve cleared out toxic thought patterns you can start planting positivity seeds to create a life you love.

Challenge yourself. When old attitudes and thought patterns rise again, try seeing things from a different perspective.

Start by watching and noticing whenever you run those same old stories about yourself.

Notice whenever you criticise yourself, when you tell yourself you’re stupid, or ugly, or fat, or any other negative put-downs. Then call it out for what it is. Say to yourself “I see you. You’re not really the true me.” Remind yourself of your true value, that you’re smart, lovable, beautiful, or whatever applies.

Imaging the ‘negative voice’ in your head as an actual person or character. I used to think of it as a ‘Control Committee’. Then replace that negative character with a loving, supportive, friendly character or committee who always has your back. Whenever the first negative character spits out criticism say your lines to yourself first, and then turn to the second loving character for positive, encouraging reinforcement.

Once you call out the stories you’ll find they start to run less frequently and hold less potency to undermine you. Reclaim your power with awareness, simply by watching, witnessing and naming.



Uplift Your Spirit


While everyone needs some zone-out time, use the energy of Spring to change HOW you recharge.

Instead of crashing in front of reality TV, get smarter. Use the momentum of this time of new beginnings to read uplifting books, listen to music that benefits your soul, or take an aromatherapy bath. Zone-out for good health and Spring wellness.



With all the new you’re welcoming into your life be sure to maintain balance. Put a spring in your step, not a drive to the fast lane. Be mindful. Listen to your body. Open to new opportunities. Eat slowly. Live in awareness.




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