We think of poor and wealthy as being worlds apart. But in reality poverty and wealth are just two opposite, or polarising, points of the same thought form of “money”. Hot and cold are also two extremes of the same form, temperature, and light and heavy the two polarities of weight. Each of these is the same thought form and only differ in degree. This leads to the question, how do you shift your money beliefs from one extreme, poverty, towards wealth?


Money mindset change your beliefs


Many people use the ‘Law Of Attraction’ in an attempt to draw money to themselves. Some have success and that’s great. But what many don’t realise is when you use the Law of Attraction or ‘vibrate high’, you raise the vibration of ALL aspects – the negative as well as the positive!


So while you’re thinking positive thoughts about wealth and money, you also intensify the negative beliefs and thoughts you already hold. Unless you have successfully released those deeply held beliefs and practices about money, you’re likely to end up making your money situation even worse when you use the Law Of Attraction .


The Law Of Attraction won’t change deep, long held beliefs about money that you’re holding.


As the alchemist of your life you want to alter this limited, locked down state.



Shift Money Blocks


Shifting into neutral and allowing your consciousness to simply observe your thoughts about money with awareness starts the process.  Just observe what’s actually going on there. You may discover what lies underneath the belief.


When we gain insight and understanding through awareness, we can go in to break apart beliefs that limit our interaction with money and wealth.


Awareness is a powerful tool to start the process of change and the breaking apart of limitation.


To begin this process shift your thought patterns into calm awareness. Bring your awareness to your breath to calm your thoughts.


Don’t shift into positive vibration or negative judgement. These are both polarities of the money thought that keeps you OUT of balance.


Settle into a calm state and once you have reached that, bring the in the thought “money”.  Not anything about money, just the thought ‘money’.


Hold that thought pattern of money. It may take some time. When you give it enough time the dense thought form that holds the thought of money will be loosened and come to the surface.


Beliefs Start To Rise


You will start to feel things such as fear, anxiety, or uncomfortable, or anger, or that it is stupid.  This shows you that you have begun the process to break that belief apart – that something is happening.


As the beliefs come to the surface you may feel it in your body as pain, terror, nausea or any other sensation.


The cells of our body provide a powerful memory bank, which hold our thoughts and memories as sensory impressions.  When these sensations arise in your body it’s an indication that the limiting thoughts are coming to the surface.


As you sit with the thought of money notice the feeling in your body, thought patterns, and memories that arise.  What you notice is the key to you transforming your relationship with money. It will feel uncomfortable, but to transform these negative thoughts you must face the dragon.


To actually transmute this you need to commit and dedicate whatever time it takes to shift, just as you would to any important relationship.



Positive Beliefs About Money


Because you’re now adult, observing with awareness will start to melt those thought forms you’ve carried since childhood.  You’ll be able to ask “Is this the truth?” and from a place of conscious discernment decide whether it is.  Once you have discerned that, you can clear out the thoughts to leave pure resonance.


As each thought arises you have the power to decide about it. You can choose with every single memory, thought, emotion and feeling of lack or unworthiness, whether it is true or not, and whether you want to keep it or discard it.  You can go into your consciousness and one by one clear out all your limiting beliefs about money.


Eventually all you’ll have left are the beliefs that you want to deeply serve you – beliefs about wealth and prosperity.


Through this process you’ll create a whole new belief system about having and holding money. One where all the old limiting beliefs that prevented you from manifesting money and wealth are released.


ONLY THEN, after doing this process to clear out the old patterns, will vibrating high and bringing in positive thought work.


Want more? You’ll find more about shifting limiting beliefs to take back control here.


What is your relationship with money?



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Money mindset change your beliefs



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